About us

JaG Martial Arts consultancy is an organisation which brings together over 40 years of business and martial arts experience. If you have a thriving Martial Arts business then it is unlikely that our services are for you.

We provide a broad range of Martial Arts consultancy services and turn key solutions across the Martial Arts and Combat Sports sectors. If you are looking to grow and  transform your business or organisation into an automated, digital business with increased revenue, we want to work with you to implement successful change to deliver a competitive business edge. 

Our Values

Customer focused  
Cost effectiveness

We believe that through applying our values we can deliver a competitive business edge to Martial Arts, Organisations,  Instructors & School owners.

Business Strategy Development

Understanding your business and formulating a business strategy will give you clear direction to growth and sustainability.

Process Mapping
& Digitisation

By understanding your daily activates within your business we will be able to map your processes and create a clear understanding of what areas of work can be digitised by applications to allow you to be an automated business.

Workshops &

Our Workshops & Masterclasses can deliver tailored group workshops or Individual masterclasses across a number of subjects.

Our Consultancy Services

At JaG consultancy our services cover a varied range of growth activities to support your Martial Arts business but, tailored to your individual needs

Brand & Market Development

Defining and promoting your brand will give you an positive edge in your business space. Then developing and implementing a marketing plan will ensure you are seen in a congested market place.

Skillz Connect UK

We are partners of Skillz World wide, the worlds leading innovative & dynamic children’s syllabus enhancements, which is designed to preserve and compliment your traditional syllabus.

Online Courses

Whether you are an experienced instructor or just thinking about starting your own Martial Arts school. Our online courses have a range modules to enhance your knowledge or to enable you to set up from scratch, with everything you will need to become successful.

Business Strategy Development

Its common knowledge that in strategy everything is simple but nothing is easy. At times of economic turbulence, digital conversion and growing competition, the question of how a martial arts school can best set their direction for future success remains an enduring subject of debate and interest.

At JaG Consultancy we understand complexity and the challenges of running a martial arts school as a full time or part time instructor in your own or a rented premises. Working with you we can deliver a practical business Strategy which aligns with your vision and business goals to deliver you a competitive business edge in your Martial Arts business.

Brand & Market Development

Brand development is maintaining the consistency in terms of quality, value and trust that a consumer finds within a company, once this has been defined, marketing actions or the business of promoting and selling products or services can be implemented.

Brand development and maintaining the consistency in terms of quality, value and trust that your consumer finds in your business is a key activity which should not be taken lightly. At JaG Consultancy will evaluate your brand and provide detailed insight and guidance on how to enhance it further.

The marketing of your business can be the difference between success and failure in todays competitive market. JaG Consultancy will work with you to develop a successful marketing plan across all marketing and social media platforms.

Process Mapping & Digitization 

Understanding how all areas, of your martial arts business work from recruiting, enrolment, class and school management is essential to understanding how your valuable time is being spent.

We will map your process to understand how much time and effort is being spent on the administration of your business then look to optimise and stream line these process.

Once fully mapped, we can then guide you in the digitisation of your business process to gain maximum efficiencies and deliver a competitive business edge with the incorporation of easy to use bespoke and Off the Shelf software applications.

Syllabus Enhancement 

With so much choice for students in a congested sports and leisure activity industry, student retention can often be challenging. We are partners of Skillz World wide, the worlds leading innovative & dynamic children’s syllabus enhancements program.  These enhancements provide diverse and stimulating activities to keep your students engaged throughout their martial arts journey helping you to maintain a sustainable business.

Workshops & Master Classes

We can help you or deliver for you a tailored group workshops or individual master classes. Each workshop or Masterclasses can be tailored and seamlessly integrated into your organisations systems or process. Workshops can be delivered at your venue or we can provide a venue at a location of your choosing for the following subjects:

– Building a sustainable Martial Arts Business
– Master Martial Arts Marketing

– Educating the education system
– Skillz Connect UK workshops

Online Courses

JaG Consultancy has designed a number of online courses to aide new and seasoned martial arts instructors set up their schools. Each course provides the Instructor with a step by step guide of how to lay and then build upon solid foundations for your martial arts business. The following course is available:

– Building a sustainable Martial Arts Business